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Use our Smart Referral Algorithm to
automatically get more referrals
from the customers that love you.

Accelerate Results with
Rocket Referrals

No more uncomfortable referral requests

Tell us What You Know

Start by telling us about you and your customers. Create your company profile and use our quick and easy import process to provide contact information, demographics, and other data about your customers to get us started.


Analyze and Communicate

The Smart Referral Algorithm will analyze the data and schedule targeted communication to increase referrals. Communication with your clients will automatically improve over time as the system continues to learn about your customer base.


Watch Referrals Grow

That’s it – Rocket Referrals will run for you 24/7 scheduling personalized content to your customers identified as most likely to refer. Watch your referrals grow, review customer feedback, and post testimonials all directly from your dashboard.

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What others say about us

Gary L

I have had the privilege of interacting with Rocket Referrals for some time now. This application is going to change the way insurance agents do business. Any agent incorporating Rocket Referrals into their everyday workflow will have a distinct advantage over their competition.

Gary LSenior Business Consultant, Allied
Chad Davis

Rocket Referrals is a powerful tool that our business uses to identify and acknowledge our most loyal promoters. The dashboard provides us with useful information and the product basically runs itself. In my industry, referrals are king and Rocket Referrals is the best platform for generating word-of-mouth, ‘pre-sold’ prospects.

Chad DavisCEO/Founder, INDEMNUS Insurance

We Take Care of Referrals

  • You won’t have any more uncomfortable referral requests
  • Focus on your work, not on referrals
  • Get more customers that love you
  • No more begging for referrals
  • Uncover your ideal client and get more of them
  • Close the loop on detractors who are taking business away from you
  • Do it all, automatically 24/7


  • 👍

    Net Promoter Score

    Auto collect and monitor your NPS. Get customers proven to promote your business. Close the loop on detractors.

  • Smart Referral Algorithm

    Analyzes all customer information (behavior, satisfaction, demographics) and schedules targeted communication.

  • Automated Strategy

    Rocket Referrals employs a consistent referral strategy for you automatically with almost no time and effort on your end.

  • 💻

    Referral Dashboard

    Designed to give you a snapshot of your customers and company using metrics that gauge your progress toward gaining more referrals.

  • First Class Communication

    Rocket Referrals uses our unparalleled handwriting technology to provide your best customers with superior cards.

World class features, integrated to save you time & money.

Tools that work together are easier, faster, and more effective.

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