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Cutting-edge software without the long-term contracts or setup fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
How long is a contract with Rocket Referrals?

Our contract is month to month. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment.

Do you have a way to detect duplicate contacts?

We sure do! We can help identify and then merge some of those repeat contacts. Check out this help center article for more info.

Can I test this out with a free trial?

Absolutely. We offer a trial account to interested agents. Plus, it isn’t time-limited. You’re able to view seven survey responses and two testimonial submissions before the trial ends.

To continue accessing survey results and collecting reviews on Google after the trial ends, you have to purchase and unlock the account.

What do you consider a contact?

Each unique household is one contact. So, if a client has both a commercial line and a personal line, we count that as just one.

What happens if I go over my contact limit in the middle of my billing cycle?

If this happens, you’ll get a prompt to upgrade your plan. But don’t worry. You won’t be charged twice. We’ll prorate the plan cost and you’ll see the change in your invoice. They’re located under Billing Info on the Setup tab in your account.

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