15 social media post ideas to improve your insurance marketing

15 social media post ideas to improve your insurance marketing

Social media should be a part of every insurance agent’s marketing strategy, but knowing what to post can be challenging. That’s why we put together this list of 15 social media post ideas you can try today.

We asked some agencies that are doing a great job on social to pitch in so you can have real examples of what these posts look like. Check them out. 

1. An employee profile or highlight

A great way to build relationships with clients is to connect with them on a personal level. Humans are social beings and we like other people.

Share photos and fun facts about your team to build connections with your customers and others who see your posts. The personal connection is what sets independent agents apart and this type of post reinforces your competitive advantage.  

ECI Insurance does a great job highlighting one of their employee's birthdays with this post:

insurance agency happy birthday social media post example

By highlighting our employees, it shows the customer that we value our employees and that they are real, everyday people.” - ECI Insurance

2. Share a client testimonial

Client testimonials improve staff morale by reaffirming their work matters. They improve loyalty because the action of providing positive feedback makes the customer feel even better about the service you provide.

And, if you share the testimonial publicly and thank the client, you can both demonstrate appreciation and share what you do well with other clients and prospects.

Best practice: Only share testimonials from customers that have given you permission to share their name publicly.

3. An educational video

In the world of social media, video is quickly becoming king. In fact, according to Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Insurance can be complex, but videos are a terrific tool for simplifying topics in a concise, visual way. You can do a video on certain coverages, provide helpful tips or answer commonly asked questions.

Don’t stress if you don’t have the equipment or space, all you need is a phone and helpful information. Personality and humor help too. Here’s a great example from Hutsenpillar Insurance.

educational social media video example on insurance topics

An educated consumer is a better client because you are subconsciously training them that price is not everything.” - CJ Hutsenpillar

4. Behind-the-scenes video

Two video ideas in a row? That’s right. Video does so much to improve engagement that it is worth back-to-back mentions. A behind-the-scenes video is a fun way to give your followers a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the business.

These types of videos allow you to show off the culture and atmosphere of the office and offer a nice break from your more insurance-focused posts. Do you do something special to celebrate team birthdays? Have a unique morning coffee ritual? Shoot a video and share it with your followers.

behind the scenes social media video example for insurance agencies

“There has never been a time in history where you can capture so much attention…. for FREE! Social media is the new TV, Yellow pages etc. For Great Park Insurance, it all starts with social media marketing.” - Great Park Insurance

5. Share a fact or statistic

People have short attention spans, so shorter posts tend to perform better than long paragraphs. A fact or statistic is a great way to educate and inform your clients on a particular insurance topic.

You can do this through an image or even just a simple text post. These are quick, straightforward and easily digestible.

Here’s an example: Most people aren’t aware their homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover flood damage, so what better way to educate them than a statistic on flood damage. This might even lead to a cross-sale opportunity.

6. Third-party content

Your clients will quickly become disengaged from your social media if all you do is talk about yourself. What else can you share? Valuable content from other companies or publications like Forbes, local newspapers or your carrier(s).

You can post articles, podcasts, or videos covering everything from health tips, life tips or insurance-specific content. A good rule of thumb to have at least 50 percent of your content come from others.

7. Pets, pets and more pets

Who doesn’t like seeing photos of pets? Social media is meant to be social, so join in on the fun and share photos of your employees’ pets. You can then ask your followers to share photos of their pets in return.

8. Contact info

You might think a post about your contact information isn’t all that engaging, but it’s valuable for a couple of reasons. Not everyone will have your contact information saved and they may not realize it until they need it.

Providing your contact information can come in handy in an emergency. If you are aware of severe weather approaching the area, share a post that gives your followers what they need to contact you. 

contact info social media post example for insurance agencies

9. Share listings from a local real estate agent

If you're like most agents, you have great referral partners in the real estate/mortgage industry. Adding their listings to your social media content is a great way to build some goodwill with them and it creates more opportunities to break up your posts away from insurance-related content. 

10. Run a contest

Holding a contest is a great way to engage your followers and have some fun in the process. One great example is to hold a contest for a date night package with movie tickets and a gift card to a local restaurant.

Encourage your followers to tag and mention their significant others to increase their chances of winning. As an additional benefit, you could have the restaurant share the post to increase the amount of people it reaches.

11. Re-share or comment on a commercial client’s post

Re-sharing a commercial client's post is a great way to strengthen that relationship and get in front of other potential commercial clients.

You’ll never be top of mind if you aren’t in front of your prospects. This is an easy and quick way to do that without a sales pitch.

12. Pre-recorded videos

Pre-recorded videos can be used to answer commonly asked questions, give timely advice or provide information about how to handle a claim.

You can choose a specific topic, such as auto insurance, or invite your clients and prospects to suggest topics they want to learn more about. Check out this great video from JAG Insurance advising business owners on business income insurance and hurricanes.

pre recorded video example for insurance agents social media

"Videos are the crux of our marketing. It’s the best way to provide our audience with up-to-date information and is more engaging than reading an article. We understand that insurance isn’t exactly considered engaging. That’s why we deliver insurance education in the most entertaining way possible while showcasing our personalities." - JAG Insurance

13. Share pictures highlighting your favorite local charity

If you are like many agencies, you already give back to your community. This provides great content to post on social media. Displaying the impact you are making locally is a great way to connect with clients and prospects and to provide additional support to causes you care about.

You can take this a step further by creating a donation matching program with your staff and sharing information about the causes your team supports.

14. Highlight a community student or athlete

How exactly does this post benefit you? Many of your clients likely have children and highlighting their achievements helps strengthen that relationship.

To get in front of even more people, ask your followers who else you should highlight and ask them to mention or tag their friends who also have children.

15. Share your blog

You may already be posting a link to your blog when a new post goes live, but are you getting as much engagement from it as you could be? Here’s an idea. The week before a new blog post goes live, post about the topic to tease the blog and increase interest.

If the blog post is “10 questions to ask before purchasing a homeowner’s policy”, you could post one of the questions to get your network’s attention. A few weeks after the post goes live, don’t be afraid to share the link again. Chances are many of your followers didn’t see it the first time.

Take smaller pieces of the blog—images, stats, quotes, video—and share them separately. You likely spent a good amount of time on the content and it will be valuable long after the blog is published. Below is an example of how Paradiso Insurance shares their blogs through social media.

sharing your blog as a post on social media example for insurance agencies

Social media is a part of our renewal strategy, so it plays a huge role in keeping in front of clients along with providing a tremendous amount of data that we use to improve our customer experience.” - Chris Paradiso

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