7 reasons you should send a holiday card instead of an email

7 reasons you should send a holiday card instead of an email

A handwritten card is always a great way to provide a meaningful touchpoint throughout the year, but at a time where they will likely receive dozens of holiday emails from restaurants, their local body shop, or even Uber, a holiday card from you is a great way to stand out and make a big impact.

1. Holiday cards are meaningful

Have you ever gotten an email that left you feeling valued the same way a handwritten card from a family member did? Probably not. That’s because a handwritten card is a much more meaningful communication.

Right away you know your Nana put a lot of time finding the right card, writing a nice note and mailing it to you.

Send them a quality communication at a time that is likely to leave a positive impact they will remember for months afterwards. Let someone else clog up their inbox with a boring email.

2. Gets you in front of clients you haven’t spoken to recently

Even with a solid communication strategy, some clients fall through the cracks and may not hear from you throughout the year. They might miss an email, opt not to respond to a survey, or screen your calls.

A handwritten card gets delivered straight to their front door. It creates a positive experience and instantly puts you top of mind and reminds them you care even if you haven’t spoken to them in a while.

This alone is usually enough to encourage them to fill out the next survey, or finally respond to your call (If they do, make sure to confirm their email address). More responses lead to more promoters and more referral opportunities.

3. They build goodwill

Holiday cards are a great way to build goodwill that an email simply doesn’t have the power to do. Think of goodwill as currency, every time you provide your customers with a great experience, such as a handwritten card, you are adding to their piggybank of goodwill.

Check out this article from CMS Wire that goes in depth over how important The Customer Goodwill Piggy Bank is. If goodwill is currency, a handwritten card is a Benjamin, and an email might as well be a penny.

Holiday cards help build better customer goodwill

4. It’s about the relationship, not insurance

When your clients get an email from you, nine times out of ten it’s more than likely related to their policies in some way. Email is terrible at building relationships and any time your client sees an email from you they probably think it’s all business.

Sending a handwritten card has the opposite effect. A holiday card is a simple gesture that takes the focus away from business and puts it on the relationship. It shows them you genuinely care, and they aren’t just another number to you.

5. Handwritten cards are opened, kept and shared

Think about all the holiday promotional emails you personally receive, maybe you aren’t even aware of how many because you likely don’t even bother to read them, let alone open them. So why would your clients be any different?

Sending a holiday email is a quick way to lump yourself with all the promotional offers they are likely to get. In the U.S., businesses send 50% more emails during the holiday season, which means, the likelihood your clients will open your email is practically zero.

Holiday cards on the other hand are not only opened, people keep and share them. Some people put cards on the fridge, some on the mantle, we’ve even seen people hang holiday cards on their tree like ornaments. This creates the perfect opportunity for natural word-of-mouth referrals without you having to do anything else.

Handwritten cards are open, kept and shared

6. They make a huge impact on client retention

Each year insurance agencies are at risk of losing 20 to 25 percent of their clients and it typically has to do with a poor experience or lack of communication – not price. In fact, our research found 81% of clients who leave an agency do so due to lack of regular and meaningful communication.

Holiday cards are a great way to retain these clients for that very reason, they are the perfect way to send meaningful communication at an important time. They show your clients you care about them outside of renewal time.

81% of clients who leave an agency do so due to lack of 
regular and meaningful communication.

Your clients know a holiday card is optional and since you aren’t asking them for anything, they feel valued and their chances of leaving are immediately reduced. More retention means more money for your agency, and more happy clients sharing their good experience with their friends and colleagues.

7. The ROI speaks for itself

Sending out holiday cards whether automated or done by yourself, can add up to a significant cost, but that’s only if you look at improving your client relationships as an expense. It should instead be looked at as a necessary investment that directly impacts retention and referrals.

To illustrate the return on this investment, if an insurance agent receives commissions of around $430 a year per household, they only need to retain 9 out of 2000 clients for 1 year to break even. That comes out to 1 out of every 200 people who get a card. 

We still understand the upfront cost of these cards, so be sure to take advantage of our special holiday card pricing to see an even greater ROI.

There you have it, 7 reasons you should send a holiday card instead of an email. If you’re still unsure about automating them, send us an email and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.

Ready to automate your holiday cards?

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