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All about online reviews for insurance agents

In the absence of personal recommendations, searching for an insurance agent can be as easy as typing a couple words into a smartphone. Submit a brief query into Google and you’ve got a digital rolodex of agencies to choose from. … Read More

7 reasons why insurance agents should send holiday cards to their clients

It’s that time of year. The holidays are around the corner – offering insurance agents an excellent opportunity to score valuable points with their clients with handwritten holiday cards. You might be surprised at just how valuable they are. Check … Read More

This is how Insurance Agents get a Leg Up on Client Turnover

Don’t let your detractors sneak up on you. A couple months back I attended an insurance conference that hosted several of the industry’s most influential thought leaders and forward-thinking agencies. There were breakout sessions and presentations galore – but not the … Read More

Why don’t insurance agents focus on client retention?

The cost of turnover It costs insurance agencies an average of $500 to acquire a new client. This includes the resources needed to attract a prospect, quote them, and write the policy. On the other hand, agents only spend an … Read More

Responding to the NPS – Best Practices

At Rocket Referrals we’ve had success implementing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey into our software. We gather hundreds of surveys responses for businesses (most of them insurance agencies) which allow them to measure the loyalty of their client base. … Read More

How to list your business correctly on Bing

Why Bing? Last year Microsoft’s search engine platform ‘Bing’ reached an important landmark: they now control 20% of the search engine market. That’s right, 1 out of every 5 people online use Bing to search the web. Who woulda’ thought? … Read More

How to get your business on Facebook and best practices

It’s strictly business In the last half-decade Facebook has increased the ways businesses can be discovered on their platform. Ultimately, they’re working to fill the gap between businesses and users; creating a single location for you to view baby pictures, … Read More

Understanding Data Aggregators – this is how local businesses are found online

Have you ever wondered how your business listing ended up on search sites such as Google or Yahoo without ever lifting a finger? It’s like an invisible feed of data is pouring directly into the search engines, providing them with … Read More

Language Tricks that Increase Client Referrals

Communicating Referrals In contrast to simply asking for referrals, there are methods of communicating with clients that will inspire them to refer over the long term. And, although clients are often willing to refer, the responsibility lies on the company … Read More

How to get your Business Listed on Google

What is Google My Business? Remember when Google was just a search engine? In those days you had little to worry about as a business online. You were either listed or weren’t. Nowadays the responsibility to be found on Google … Read More

4 Simple ways to Increase Client Retention

A couple decades ago businesses were a lot less vulnerable to the impacts of negative client feedback. Back then if someone was upset with their service provider they would often call, express their concerns, and if the issue wasn’t resolved, … Read More

Why your Insurance Agency should be on LinkedIn

What is it? Since LinkedIn launched as a professional networking platform in 2003 it has accumulated nearly 100 million users in the United States alone. That’s equivalent to 1 out of every 3 people in the nation with an account. … Read More

How Businesses are Discovered Online

What is Local Search One of the most important factors Google considers with search results is your current location. And they’ve gotten pretty good at knowing where you are, too. Search engines study your computer’s IP address or GPS location … Read More

Choosing the Right Software to Win and Retain Clients

  In an earlier post I cover the different marketing automation systems available to businesses today.  My goal was to demonstrate that there are clear distinctions between each type of software – and that their features are suited to particular … Read More

How Insurance Agents can Compete with Direct Carriers amid Increased Pressure

Several years ago the divide between an insurance agency and direct carrier was stark. On one side you got a real person, personal service, and a firm handshake – and on the other a discounted rate, a call center, and … Read More

7 Surprising Facts about Cats and Referrals

Even the most hardcore ‘dog people’ can’t help but appreciate the majestic nature of the feline. Proud, elegant, …and sometimes lackadaisical, cats are filled to the brim with personality. A couple years ago we decided to rescue a 3-year-old calico shorthair from … Read More

How Insurance Agents Reduce the Cost of Acquisition

Over the last several years I’ve met with a great deal of insurance agents. Some successful, others no so much. A common characteristic of the former being—aside from a strong work ethic—attention to detail. When it comes to reducing costs … Read More

How to use Facebook to get more Online Reviews

“I know we’ve got clients that would give us a good review, but for some reason they never do.” “I just can’t get people to review [my agency] online…wtheck!?” “I get it. Online reviews are important. But I have no … Read More

What Insurance Agencies don’t know about Online Reviews

I was never much of a fisherman. For the bulk of my childhood I was more useful carrying the tackle box than casting a reel. That was until one late Summer afternoon when my father led me to a secret … Read More

How to Handle Multiple Insurance Agency Locations on Google

Insurance agencies with multiple locations should list their offices separately on Google. There. I said it. According to the universal laws of internet physics, local business listings are only effective if they’re… you guessed it, local. So by grouping all … Read More