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Increase Referrals at the Flip of a Switch

Conscientious business owners are often weary of automated communication platforms. And for good reason. As it is, our inboxes are continuously filled with junk courtesy of impersonal marketers. The last thing you want is to be grouped into the same … Read More

Which Marketing Automation Software should you Choose?

Do you know what marketing automation is? You could ask 10 people the same question, get 10 different answers, and yet every person be correct – at least partially. That’s because the term marketing automation has expanded into a catchall … Read More

How to prevent and respond to negative feedback & reviews

A couple decades ago businesses were a lot less vulnerable to the impacts of negative client feedback. Back then, if someone was upset with their service provider, they would often call, express their concerns, and then, if the issue wasn’t … Read More

What is The Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

You’ve heard about the NPS – but might not understand what the big deal is. We simplified it for you. Take 2 minutes and find out why so many companies are using the NPS and how it could help you. … Read More

Does your Insurance Agency have an Identity Crisis?

In the last decade the direct insurance writers have really upped the pressure on the independents. Everywhere you look (internet, television, billboards, you name it) stands a mascot promising better rates or parading some new gadget or phone app. For … Read More

Average NPS for Insurance Agencies and how to Improve it

In the last several years the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been swelling in popularity among service-based companies across the globe. Essentially, the NPS is a business’s overall client loyalty score. And, the great thing about client loyalty (in contrast … Read More

Welcome to Launch Academy

Ever since the launch of Rocket Referrals we’ve been educating our clients on topics surrounding referrals, retention, client loyalty, and more. Bringing new content to the table helps us build our brand, but also encourages our clients to make full … Read More

This is how you Increase your Client Retention

We work closely with service-based companies (e.g. insurance agents) where ongoing relationships and repeat business are critical. An integral feature of our service is automating regular and meaningful communication to these businesses’ clients on their behalf. The goal: to improve … Read More

And the 2015 Rocket Referrals Customer Loyalty Award goes to…

Last week I had the opportunity to hang with several of our clients near St. Louis during the 2015 Valley Insurance Agency Alliance (VIAA) Fall Conference. This was the third time we’ve taken the five-hour trek from Des Moines to … Read More

Google’s Little-Known Referral Program

Need a haircut or hungry for Chinese food? Google it. You will have hundreds of local options in seconds – many of which include in-depth reviews from people like you. All just a click away. But only several years ago … Read More

Rocket Referrals adds Multi Language Support

Rocket Referrals is all about leveraging and improving your client relationships. In many parts of the country knowing several languages is paramount to reaching clients on a personal and meaningful level.   That’s why we now support multiple languages within … Read More

Why Tesla Motors is Implementing a Referral Program

Last week I came across an article outlining a new referral strategy Tesla Motors is implementing for their Model S sedan. As might be expected, I try to stay atop developing trends in referral marketing. So staying “up to speed” … Read More

New Insurance Agencies: 3 Tools you Need to be Successful

Whether you’re new to the industry, or brimming with experience, starting an insurance agency is quite the undertaking. A tall order for even the most seasoned agents. Yet self employment provides unbridled possibilities by putting the reins of success directly … Read More

Exactly how Online Reviews impact your insurance agency (and how to get more of them)

A couple months ago we added the feature of collecting online reviews (Google, Yelp, etc.) to the Rocket Referrals platform. Since then we’ve improved the online visibility and reputation of several insurance agencies across the country. Along the way we … Read More

Agent Spotlight: Sharon Robles

Sharon recently founded a Chicago-based independent insurance agency after working in the captive realm for 18 years. She has been using Rocket Referrals in her new agency for 6 months now, and let me tell you, she’s killing it. Sharon … Read More

How to Use the Net Promoter Score to Grow your Business

It was a 2003 article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “The One Number you Need to Grow” that changed forever how we define client loyalty. Business strategist and author, Fred Reichheld, set the framework for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which … Read More

Best Practices for Agents in the Medicare Market

Recently we at Rocket Referrals have partnered with Senior Marketing Specialists (SMS) of Columbia, MO to share valuable content surrounding important topics for insurance agents. In this blog post, Mike Gattorna, Guru and Wizard of Light Bulb Moments at SMS, discusses … Read More

Referral Marketing is just the Tip of the Iceberg

The MS Explorer was a Liberian cruise ship that, since 1969, provided tours of the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean. In 2007 it struck an iceberg off the coast of Antarctica and sank 20 hours later. That’s right, they … Read More

Rocket Referrals now Automatically Collects Online Reviews

This week we are implementing a new feature that our clients have been asking for: the ability to automatically collect online reviews across various websites. Online reviews fit perfectly into our existing platform. We’ve already collected thousands of testimonials for … Read More

Drip Retention is an Oxymoron

Today I was minding my own business, just doing a little innocuous web browsing when I stumbled upon a software company that promotes a very … well, perplexing feature. They called it “Drip Retention Communications”—which I believe is a perfect … Read More