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Don’t leave your clients “unresolved”

Have you seen that little “unresolved” notification in your Rocket Referrals Surveys tab? Here’s what it means:               Our software is pretty opinionated and knows when to prompt you to take action. That’s because … Read More

How we make team bonding cool

Trust fall is so 1992 The words “team bonding” immediately take me back to school, sports teams and all of the cheesy activities our teachers and coaches so kindly forced upon us. Most of my team members agreed. I asked … Read More

National Pet Day 2018

Help us celebrate National Pet Day It’s no secret that we love pets. And to celebrate National Pet Day on April 11th, we’re giving back to the animals who need it most. We picked a local Des Moines shelter, Furry Friends … Read More

My First Day at Rocket Referrals: Why Dogs are Great for the Office

My first day at Rocket Referrals began a little something like this: I wake up to the sound of my buzzing alarm, and soon after that the meows and snuggles of my three hungry cats. It was at this point … Read More

The real reason Insurance Carriers are afraid of Pit Bulls

Owning a dog can be quite expensive, and that is not just including the vet bills, food, and toys. Insurance premiums are often an added cost that dog owners must consider. After all, some over zealous dogs man sink their … Read More

Still not convinced on sending handwritten cards?

Today, in this technology filled world we live in, one rarely thinks of snail mail as a mode of communication. The only thing that people get in the mail today are bills and ads- bleh. So what if you were … Read More