Automate your birthday cards, and send them like Grandma does.1 min read

If you are someone who sends birthday cards to your clients, congrats!! But I’m sure you’ve at times wondered if there was an easier way than running that birthday list every month and bulking up cards, or if you are good possibly doing it weekly. But it’s really hard to be as good as Grandma was and get all of the cards to land on their actual Birthday with a personal note on the inside! If you’re a customer of Rocket Referrals…well today we just added the Grandma button…easy to automate Birthday cards sent to the right people at the right time.

Here’s how it works.

1) Flip the birthday switch in your account setup.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 11.58.54


2) Done! Watch your cards go out!

Screenshot 2015-02-23 12.03.11


Want to customize the front, or who the cards go to. No problem, we can do that too.

Already have an account with us and want to see this new feature in action, give us a call at (888) 978-8325.

Don’t have an account and want to see a demo? Request one here.

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