Connecting people who need masks with people who make masks

Connecting people who need masks with people who make masks

Connecting people who need masks with people who make masks

Right now, we need non-medical grade face masks to help keep each other safe. But, for many of us, face masks are difficult to come by. Luckily, many kind and crafty humans are willing to help by making them for free.

We wanted to help fix this problem by doing what we do best—creating technology and connecting people. That’s why we created MaskHelpers, a free platform that connects those who need free, non-medical grade, reusable masks with the kind people willing to make and donate them.

Here’s how it works.

Maybe you need a mask…

If you need a non-medical grade face mask, visit MaskHelpers.org and submit a request. Your request will be sent to a queue for mask makers to see. When a mask maker selects your request, they will make your mask(s) and mail them your way. No cost to you.

Or maybe you can make masks…

Mask makers are people with sewing skills who can create non-medical grade face masks. Are you one of them? Register at MaskHelpers.org and make as many masks as your schedule and budget allow.

There is no better time to dig out that sewing machine. You don’t have to be a professional dressmaker or tailor to pitch in.

We know that many of you are willing to help make masks but may be short on materials. No worries. We’re also connecting people who are willing to donate supplies (fabric, postage stamps, etc.) with mask makers.

There are other ways to help:

  • Wear a mask. If you wear a mask when you leave your house—you’re already helping. Thank you.
  • Donate materials. Fabric. Thread. Elastic. Envelopes. Stamps. You might have stuff already lying around your house. You may have the resources to purchase materials. We’ll connect you with mask makers who need more supplies.
  • Tell everyone. Let everyone know how they can help—your friends, your co-workers, your grandparents. Post on social media. The more people you tell, the more people we can all help. Thank you! 

Let’s do this! Together.

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