Don’t leave your clients “unresolved”

Don’t leave your clients “unresolved”

Have you seen that little “unresolved” notification in your Rocket Referrals Surveys tab? Here’s what it means:








Our software is pretty opinionated and knows when to prompt you to take action. That’s because we’ve done our research. Responding to clients who completed an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey is one of the best ways to build long-lasting relationships.

So, no matter the score you receivedreach out and say something.

Here’s why this step is so important:


1.) Your promoters love you. Love them back.

Your promoters are your biggest fans. They refer their friends, give you testimonials and leave online reviews to help your SEO (search engine optimization). They give you their love and they want to feel loved in return.

The more time you put into your relationships with your promoters, the more new business you will write, and the longer they will stay with you. So pick up the phone and give them a call, mail a card or send a quick email. They will appreciate it.


2.) Clients talk. You should know what they’re saying.

Nobody knows more about your agency than your clients. And what they’re saying is what others will hear about you. Each of the NPS survey responses gives you a lot of insight into how you’re doing—the good and the bad.

By reading the responses you can quickly figure out what you’re doing well and what needs your attention. A quick phone call may save an account and pave the way to a new, lasting relationship.  


3.) Staying in touch has long-term rewards.  

Ask any relationship expert and they’ll tell you that consistent communication is the secret to making things work.

Many believe that leaving a client interaction on a positive note is all it takes. This may be true short-term, but over time, any relationship will deteriorate if there’s no communication. Creating more touch points in your client’s journey with you will make them feel valued and more likely to promote you.

So go ahead, sign into your account and resolve those clients. It’ll pay off.


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