Drip marketing, Rocket Referrals, and what’s in-between

Drip marketing, Rocket Referrals, and what’s in-between

Companies are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their leads and refine their sales pipeline. As traditional business shifted toward the internet, several new marketing strategies transpired aimed at streamlining communication with sales leads. One such strategy born online and gaining steam is drip marketing. In a nutshell, drip marketing is the process of automatically sending information to prospects, usually via email, over a period of time based on user action or predetermined times. Like Rocket Referrals, drip marketing automates communication for businesses. For this reason alone we are frequently asked at Rocket Referrals if our software is a derivative of drip marketing. The short answer is no — but to clarify further I would like to explore some key differences between Rocket Referrals and drip marketing.

Who is the message sent to?

Drip marketing is directed at sales leads with the goal of using targeting communication to make converting them to sales easier. This strategy will generally group a large amount of prospects into different categories based on patterns of behavior. It will then send messages via email aimed at bringing them along the pipeline automatically. Rocket Referrals, on the other hand, looks inward for new business by targeting existing customers to communicate with. The goal is to leverage existing promoters and convince them to bring you new business via their existing connections.

What triggers communication?

When communication is automated there needs to be something that triggers the time and type of message that is sent. Drip marketing generally uses one component of a prospect’s behavior to determine the message that will be delivered. For example, if an individual shopping at an online retail store leaves merchandise in their online shopping cart an email will be generated encouraging them to check out. In contrast, Rocket Referrals uses several elements to generate a profile of each customer using its smart referral algorithm. This profile includes information based on demographics, customer behavior, surveys, and more. As information about each customer changes, so does the communication. Rather than triggered from one specific action Rocket Referrals is designed to target customers based on their likelihood to refer which is analyzed from various data sources.

What about content?

Drip marketing campaigns are generally designed to provide companies with the opportunity to automate communication with prospects based on the specific triggers mentioned above. However, without good content sales leads will remain leads. It is the responsibility of the company implementing a drip marketing campaign to develop messages that will effectively encourage prospects to move closer to a purchase decision. What do you say and when do you say it? Aligning the right triggers with a relevant message is often the biggest hurdles for companies implementing drip marketing. We at Rocket Referrals understand how important it is to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Therefore we have programed proven psychology into our referral algorithm so that our customers need not think about it. In other words, we didn’t just automate sending communication to customers but we took care of the message too.

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