How do you compare to these Net Promoter Score benchmarks? 

How do you compare to these Net Promoter Score benchmarks? 

See which agencies have the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS), compare your score to Net Promoter Score benchmarks and get free tools to help improve your agency’s score on My Agency Rank.

Since an agency’s Net Promoter Score has a direct impact on their revenue and retention, it’s vital they keep a constant pulse on their score. My Agency Rank was designed to give agents visibility into Net Promoter Score benchmarks, what is possible with the system and tools to help them improve.

Recognition of the most successful agencies

Up until the release of My Agency Rank, there was no transparent way, to see which agencies have the most loyal customers. Now, agents have insight into which agencies have the highest scores through a leaderboardas well as reassurance that they can improve their own scores. 

The leaderboard is broken down into three categories: commercial, personal and new, in recognition of different factors that go into the NPS of each type of agency.  

In this video, we give you a quick walkthrough of the leaderboard.

Net Promoter Score benchmarks to compare customer loyalty

Industry benchmarks make it easy to see how you compare as your score changes over time. Checking this consistently, is the best way to understand if you are keeping up with the industry or need more help to get there. 


In addition to the leaderboard, we designed an interactive slider to give you a complete snapshot of how your score compares to the industry. 

Even if you aren’t a Rocket Referrals user, My Agency Rank is an extremely helpful tool to analyze your performance compared to a variety of industries including: 

  • Agencies using Rocket Referrals 
  • Insurance agencies (U.S.A) 
  • Auto Insurance Carriers 
  • Software as a service 
  • Online shopping websites 
  • Airlines 
  • Hotels 
  • Mobile service providers 

Free tools for agents to help improve their Net Promoter Score

You can also find a section offering free tools designed to help you improve your Net Promoter Score within our “guides” tab. You can already find two finished guides ready for you to dive into: 

Steps to improve your NPS 

Getting the most from promoters 

Whether you are already on the leaderboard, wanting to improve your Net Promoter Score, or looking for best practicesMy Agency Rank has everything you’ll neeto drive even more success to your agency through the NPS system. 

How does your agency rank?

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