How much do you know about a customer? 

How much do you know about a customer? 

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Building relationships takes time, consistency and having meaningful data at your fingertips.   

What if an in-depth summary of each relationship you have with a client was available to you on one screen? Think: products, conversations, referral history, how they rated you on a recent survey and even which cross-sell campaigns or cards you recently sent?  

We got you.  

Next time you click on a contact profile in Rocket Referrals, you’ll notice some cool changes.  

In addition to a few basic details about that person, you will now find several useful menu options to help you learn more about your relationship with that customer and take action if needed.  

contact details blog

The new contact profile view. See everything you need to know about a customer on one screen.

After an in-depth profile view, you can navigate to an overview of every conversation you’ve had with that customer—email surveys, texts, web chats, email campaigns—it's all there.  

If the customer responded, you’ll see it too. You’ll also see all past and scheduled communications as well as anything you may need to approve.  

And you can start or continue any conversation right from the profile page.

contact chat

The new contact profile view. See all communications and continue any conversation right from the customer’s profile.

A few other updates to note:

  • Under “Referrals,” you will see who referred that customer and whom they referred to you as well. From there, you can navigate to those respective profiles.

  • The “Products” tab got a refresh allowing you to see which products that customer has with you.

  • Under “Lists,” you can see the lists this customer is on, and you can add and remove them to and from lists right there as well.

  • Finally, under “Feedback,” you can see any recent surveys, testimonials and reviews this customer left. And soon you’ll be able to resolve surveys, respond to reviews and publish testimonials right from Rocket Referrals.

These updates are live today on all Rocket Referrals plans.

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