How to use Facebook to get more online reviews

How to use Facebook to get more online reviews

“I know we’ve got clients that would give us a good review, but for some reason they never do.”

“I just can’t get people to review [my agency] online…what the heck!?”

NPS to Review“I get it. Online reviews are important. But I have no idea how to get more of them 😠.”

Do any of these sounds like you? Come on. Be honest. I bet you’re having the same frustrations as the majority of insurance agents we come across. Chock-full of happy clients and a meager handful of 5-star reviews to show for it.

In any case, we’ve recently cooked up a new way of using Rocket Referrals to increase online reviews. It involves using our universal review feature together with Facebook. We’ve tested it out with several agencies and, let me tell you, it works quite well.

How it works

There are two elements that need to be present if you want to have success in collecting online reviews. First, you need to target the right people. You don’t want to ask just anyone to review you – because if they hardly know you, or, God forbid, dislike you, then chances are you won’t be getting 5-stars. Second, the process should be practically effortless. Like as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse. Remember, people are lazy. Just saying.

At Rocket Referrals, we have a very precise method of automating online reviews. We begin by uncovering loyal clients using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Next, we gather testimonials from the promoters. Finally, we contact the happy clients a week or so later and encourage them to provide a review on a third-party website (like Google). We ask for very small commitments and make it easy as pie for them to follow through. It’s like encouraging them to take baby steps. If you request too much upfront they’ll scurry away like a frightened mouse. You see this awesome graphic I made here? It represents how obtaining online reviews is a process. One step at a time.

Universal Review Link

So, about that new thing, we came up with. Inside Rocket Referrals, we have a universal review link feature. Essentially, it’s a custom URL for our clients to solicit online reviews on their own. For example, it’s often used in email signature lines with a hyperlink saying “We love reviews!” It can also be copied into the body of a social media post, like Facebook. The link brings users to a page (like the one below) that makes it very simple to leave a review with one click of a mouse. It also cycles between several review sites the agent sets up – thus evenly distributing reviews across the internet (improving SEO).

Universal review linkExample of a testimonial and review

Using Facebook

We suggest that our users copy the Universal Review Link as an update to their business Facebook page. Then replace the URL with the following text:

“Please review us today! We are currently looking to improve our chances of becoming discovered online by more people than we’d enjoy working with. We’ve found that reviews on sites like Google or Facebook go a long way to helping us reach new clients.”

Next, add a couple of images from the agency. Similar to the one below. Anyone that clicks on the photos will be taken directly to the universal review page which is only a click away from online reviews.

Boost your post with Facebook adsBoosting your post

Shift into High Gear

Now, if you really want to ramp things up, I suggest you promote the post. You’re able to target only those people that have previously liked your business Facebook page. This way you’ll get the most bang for your buck (while also increasing the chances of receiving positive reviews).

This is as simple as clicking the blue “Boost Post” button and then selecting “People who like your page.” Keep in mind this will cost you anywhere from $10 to $20, but it’s worth it. This way your request will reach all your social media promoters, while also making it extremely easy for them to review you online.

Give it a shot! It works, I promise.

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