How we make team bonding cool

How we make team bonding cool

Trust fall is so 1992

The words “team bonding” immediately take me back to school, sports teams and all of the cheesy activities our teachers and coaches so kindly forced upon us. Most of my team members agreed. I asked them what the words “team bonding” brought to mind:

  • “In college, we played two truths and a lie. It was cringeworthy.” – Sylwia, account managerTech Tease our weekly catered lunch
  • “At a college summer camp, we played tic-tac-toe and tug of war.”- Andrea, account manager
  • “Two words: trust fall.” – Nick, coordinator

Let’s not let our old memories cloud our judgment—bonding can be cool! It doesn’t have to be corny games or awkward encounters, it can come in different shapes and forms.  

Here are just some of the things we do at Rocket Referrals to make our workdays fun.

Daily meetings

We have a daily team meeting that everyone attends. We talk about everyone’s projects, discuss improvements we can work on, and chat about what’s going on outside of work. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to share ideas and get opinions. Everyone here is great at so many different thingswhenever a team member is stumpedthere is always someone to lend a helping hand. These meetings make it easier for us to get our ideas out there and start doing.

Shredding some guitar hero

Tech Tease lunches

Thursdays are Tech Tease time. We all sit down around the conference table and talk about the new technology we will introduce to our software. Matthew’s wife (Matthew is our business development guy), Kristen, makes us an amazing, nutritious meal. Her homemade food is the bomb, and we all get to talk, giggle, and hang out with our amazing team.

Team parties

Every so often, we will plan a team outing. Recently, we had a team party that started with dinner and ended at an arcade. We rented the whole place out and had a blast. We’ll get together for game nights, a trip to the Escape room, invite each other to housewarming parties, and everything in-between. These are always great because we get to see everyone outside of their work mode. And we always invite significant others. The morethe merrier!

Other random shenanigans

Torey, our CEO, bought some hover-boards the other day for us to ride around. We use them to get from room to room in our new spacious office, we master spin moves, do some hover dances, and sometimes fall flat on our bottoms.

We recently attempted the paper challenge. For those of you who haven’t heard, the goal is to pick up a piece of paper with your mouth while standing on only one leg. This is much more difficult than it sounds—I challenge you and your teams to try.

As you can see, it’s never a dull day around here, and we’re loving every minute of it!Carl's first hoverboard incident

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