Introducing Facebook integration with Rocket Referrals

Introducing Facebook integration with Rocket Referrals

By far one of the most requested features to be added to Rocket Referrals has been social media integration. Today we’re happy to announce the first stage in the process with an innovative approach to get you more visibility on Facebook. Now when you link your Facebook page with Rocket Referrals we’ll automatically begin to encourage your best promoters to like your page and ask them to share positive comments with their friends on their wall.

It is important to note that every social media platform was designed to be used differently. Therefore to be most effective in promoting your business on social media you must take this into considerations, that is if you want to do it right. There is a natural link between referrals and Facebook which is why we chose to start there. With that said, we did so in a very coordinated and deliberate fashion so this integration is the most effective for you and your company.

Here’s how it works

This integration is designed to collect more likes to your Facebook page and most also encourage users to talk about you on their wall. We take advantage of our existing survey platform to encourage respondents to recommend or like you based on their response to the survey. We’ll also ask those who give you a testimonial if they’d share it on their wall.

The important thing to know is that each person receives a unique and optimized experience. This is what sets our social media integration apart from other platforms. We are very careful and ask people to share, like or recommend you. These determinations are automatically made by our Smart Referral Algorithm based on their response to the Net Promoter Score and overall likelihood to recommend. Even more, we designed the integration to work in a way that will garner the most visibility on Facebook from your best promoters – in such a way that will transfer trust and increase referrals without costing you a dime on sponsored posts.

To enable the Facebook integration all you need to do is make sure you’ve entered your Facebook page on the social integrations section of the setup page.

Take a look

Demonstrates how a customer can recommend an agency on Facebook.
Demonstrates how a customer can recommend an agency on Facebook.
Rocket Referrals Facebook Integration
Shows how a testimonial will appear on the wall of a customer who shares their testimonial.
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