Introducing our brand-new feedback dashboard.

Introducing our brand-new feedback dashboard.

Plus, we’ve added a Feedback tab to the nav bar. It’s your hub for all client-related data.

Drumroll, please! Our feedback dashboard gives you access to the data you need for making better business decisions (and it’s fun to use).

Gain a bird’s-eye view of client loyalty.

The dashboard lays out some pretty important metrics for easy viewing:

  • NPS: This is the big one of course—your overall client loyalty score.
  • NPS history: See how your NPS trends over time. This chart displays the number of NPS survey responses you’ve received and who they’re from—Promoters, Passives or Detractors. You can even narrow it down to a particular date range.
  • NPS survey response breakdown: This chart gives you survey response rates by individual answer (scored from 0 to 10). Hover over the vertical bars to see how many responses in each category you received.
  • Average response: This offers you a quick glance of how clients are responding on average. But this stat really comes into its own when used to compare different employees and contacts.

Take a deep dive into individual agent performance.

At the top of the dashboard, you can toggle between various employees and different contact lists to get a more thorough understanding of client loyalty. For example, if two of your employees have the same NPS, you can compare their average response score to see if one has the edge over the other.

Say hello to your Feedback tab.

Surveys, Testimonials, Reviews and the new dashboard are now grouped under the Feedback tab on your nav bar—this is your hub for all things related to client data. It also frees up some real estate for us to add other helpful features in the near future.

Both the dashboard and Feedback tab are up and running. Sign in to your account to give them a go.

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