Introducing Rocket Connect, our new tool for sending more touchpoints without more work.

Rocket Connect lets you save, manage and share touchpoints relevant to your clients and colleagues—and it’s a Rocket Referrals exclusive. 

Seventy-two percent of unhappy clients point to poor communication (or a complete lack of it) as the reason they’re upset with their insurance agent.* Nevertheless, there’s this myth that won’t die: If you send clients too many touchpoints (emails, texts, etc.), they’re going to cancel. This just isn’t the case. 

Keep clients happy with more consistent communication.

Clients want you to care about more than just their policy. They want an ongoing relationship. But not one that’s overly transactional. When they feel like they’re just another number to you, THAT’S what’s going to make them call it quits.  

Three out of four unhappy clients point to poor communication as the reason they’re upset with their insurance agent. 

Maybe you’re sending birthday greetings, holiday cards and loyalty messages (kudos if you are). Those are a great start. But what about all the time between those life milestones? You can fill it with silence, or you can start communicating with information that will show clients you’re bringing year-round value to the relationship.  

Rocket Connect positions you as a trusted advisor.

Adding more touchpoints is a great way for you to stay relevant. Plus, they should be automated, so you don’t have to face the pressure of churning out tons of your own content or toil over a newsletter every week.  

That’s exactly what our Rocket Connect platform will do for you. It’s a brand-new way of managing communications that’s exclusive to Rocket Referrals:  

  • Find and share relevant content (articles, videos and podcasts). You choose the content you want to share with clients by uploading it yourself or selecting items from our expert-curated libraries.  
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert. Rocket Connect lets you assign specific content to any lists of clients you think will benefit from it.  
  • Stay in more regular contact with clients. Our algorithms determine the best time to send the content automatically. 

Rocket Connect is going to position you as a friend and trusted advisor. It offers levels of personalization and precision that newsletters or social media posts never could.  

More precision than a newsletter or social media post.

There are three sections to Rocket Connect: Find contentMy library and My subscriptions. Let’s dive right in and take a look at each.  

Find content 

Here you’ll see libraries packed with useful content, selected and curated by industry experts (like BriteBeeForge3Agency Performance Partners and Paradiso Presents). Topics range from umbrella insurance to snowmobile maintenance to how to set a budget—there’s stuff for just about everyone. Come here any time you’d like to find items to add to your own library.  

Browse our libraries of expert-curated articles, videos and podcasts for touchpoints to share.
Browse our libraries to find the right content for your audience.  

My library 

Here’s where you keep the stuff you want your clients to see. This can be content you’ve found in other libraries or links you’ve uploaded yourself. 

Frame the things you share with your own insights so that you can position yourself as an authority. 

Next comes the most important thing: What do you want people to know about the content? You’ve got to frame the things you share with your own insights to position yourself as an authority. While you can lean on the work of others, Rocket Connect is all about making sure it’s your voice that gets heard loud and clear. That’s why we’ve given you the opportunity to write something here.  

The context you provide can be a little intro to the piece or your own key takeaways from it—anything that helps your audience get the most from the experience. All our experts’ content already includes this kind of text, so have a look there for examples.  

Take a look at the preview of the email our system will automatically send on your behalf. It looks something like this, but you can edit the text any way you want: 

What the Rocket Connect editor looks like for adjusting your touchpoints.
Choose the list of clients you’d like to send the content to. Don’t forget to tell people what you want them to know about it.  

In the above example, you can see how the paragraph after the link helps explain the article, adds a little personality and does some of the heavy lifting before the reader even clicks the link. 

Finally, take a look at the Share your library button at the top of the screen. This lets you share your library’s URL with any agents inside or outside your organization who’s looking for ideas for touchpoints. You don’t even have to be a Rocket Referrals user to view this link. 

My subscriptions 

You’re able to subscribe to any libraries you like, and this is where you can see them. This includes your friends’ and colleagues’ libraries or the expert-produced ones you can see on the Find content page. 

Example of what a Rocket Connect shared library looks like. Subscribe to other people's libraries for ideas for touchpoints.
Example of what a shared library looks like. Follow your friends, colleagues or industry experts. 

*Based on client feedback given in NPS surveys.

Looking for ways to make additional touchpoints with clients?

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