Just in: The Dave Ramsey integration and prospect campaign

Just in: The Dave Ramsey integration and prospect campaign

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Growing your insurance business takes time and a lot of work. You likely use different tactics to generate leads. But what you do with each lead after you get their information is critical to the success of your conversions.   

Creating prospect campaigns that convert can be a challenge.  

You need to know what to say and how to say it to maximize your chances of turning a prospect into a customer. You also need to automate these campaigns so you’re able to focus on other important work that requires a human touch.

Our Dave Ramsey integration does the work for you  

If you’re a Dave Ramsey Trusted Provider, also known as an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP), we have a new tool to help you nurture the leads you receive through DaveRamsey.com with very little work on your part.

How it works

You can activate the integration in your Rocket Referrals account with just a few clicks.  

When a Dave Ramsey lead comes through, it gets automatically added to Rocket Referrals. You don’t need to do a thing.  

Use our pre-written templates or create your own

Once your Dave Ramsey leads are in Rocket Referrals, you’ll begin to automatically reach out to them via email and/or text with our multi-step, targeted prospect campaign.

We put together a series of emails and texts for you to pick from. You can use them as is or customize them for your agency.

We’ve considered the timing of each email and text, which can easily be adjusted based on your preferences. The campaign will end once Rocket Referrals detects a quote in your management system, or you can easily stop it yourself anytime.

Need help setting up the integration and the campaign? Reach out to your account manager and they will make sure everything is running smoothly.

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