My First Day at Rocket Referrals: Why Dogs are Great for the Office

My first day at Rocket Referrals began a little something like this:

I wake up to the sound of my buzzing alarm, and soon after that the meows and snuggles of my three hungry cats. It was at this point that it kind of sunk in, it was day one at my new job at Rocket Referrals. Right then, all of the nerves and excitement hit me. I scurry to get ready and fly up the steps to grab a breakfast bar I would eat on my drive to work. I’m focused on the road as the jitters begin to set in. Soon enough I’m entering downtown Des Moines and set out on foot toward the office.

After a short walk through the skywalk, my heart thumping, I arrive at the office door, nervous of who I would run into first. I begin to take my coat off and hear quick steps stumbling toward me. I turn around and what is it that greets me? A wet nose and a wagging tail! A fluff ball of love scratching at my legs for me to say hi. Charm! At this moment all the nervousness and the worry of meeting new people melt away! With a couple licks and nudges of the nose I feel much better. Now I’m prepared for the day ahead of me.

Today, nearly a month later and with the nerves behind me, I’m settled in and loving my new job. What is one of the biggest perks you may ask? No, it’s not the great coffee or even the awesome team lunches on Thursdays (more on that later). It’s the fact that I get greeted by the sweetest soul each and every morning—Charm, our office dog!

 Stress Reliever

Okay, so I’ve gotten a little carried away telling you about Charm. But, let me explain how she’s such an integral part of our operation! The first, and most evident reason, is that she’s a major stress reliever. When our office is enduring a busy week, or one of us hasn’t had the best day, Charmy is right there for immediate snuggles! And, when she begins to snore, any stress is quickly replaced with giggles of our own.



Morale Booster

A sense of defeat is a rare emotion at the Rocket Referrals office. No, it’s not because we are super humans (wouldn’t that be nice!). Feeling defeated is rare because a) We have our team to support us, and b) We have Charmy. Whenever we aren’t feeling so confident we have a bubbly fluff-ball bouncing around divvying out smiles to the team. Whenever we need a little motivation to achieve our goals there she is, wagging her tail and urging us to keep going with her smiling eyes.


Productivity Enhancer

Sure, sometimes our brains refuse cooperate and we need a time out. Instead of heading to social media we opt for Charm’s company. A couple snuggles (and perhaps a few treats) later our brains are back on track! Our short breaks are filled with doggie loving time, which benefits both us and Charmy! Side note: Charm usually sits by me, so this is also an awesome time to get to know everyone, being that I am the newest to the office.



All Around Best Friend

Yeah, everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend, but Charm really is ours! If I told everyone at Rocket Referrals they had to pick one person from the office to be stranded on an island with, they would all choose Charm— including me! She might not end up being the best help searching for food or water (and would surely spend most of her time snoozing) but it’d be worth it for all her cuteness.


You Should Too

If I had to come up with one way to make your office a better place, without even knowing the details, I’d tell you to bring your dog to work. They will take away your stress, bring your team together, and make you want to come in even on the toughest Mondays. Charm has taken our already amazing work place to a whole new level, one that makes everyone want to be here more than ever.



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