Retain more insurance clients with help from NPS and artificial intelligence

Retain more insurance clients with help from NPS and artificial intelligence

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There are clients who have been with your insurance agency for many years, and you want your new customers to stay a while too.  Sometimes, however, people leave without you knowing why. 

If you want to know how to tell something isn’t working and fix it before it’s too late, we know just what you need: NPS, with a touch of artificial intelligence (AI).

First, find out how your clients feel about you

The Net Promoter Score (NPS)® survey will help you uncover customers who are likely to leave so you can fix things before you lose them. This survey also helps you identify customers who are most likely to leave a review or refer a friend. 

Best of all, it’s just one simple question:

NPS chart

As responses start coming in, you’ll get what’s called an NPS score. Your NPS is directly connected to customer retention, so keeping an eye on changes in your NPS over time is important. You’ll want to be aware of any patterns causing clients to leave so you can make the necessary changes.

Then let artificial intelligence do what it does best

Rocket Referrals’ advanced NPS dashboard breaks down incoming client feedback, so you have one place to monitor trends with ease.

NPS dashboard

Our AI will find the most common topics your clients mention in their feedback so you can view trends categorized by agents, employees, products, providers and more.

Find out how clients feel about certain products and providers

With the advanced NPS dashboard, you can quickly see the most common carriers and product types your customers have and how they feel about them. Don’t let customers leave your agency because they’re unhappy with a certain provider. If clients are having issues with a carrier or policy type, read the feedback and address any issues. You can also see which carriers and products receive the highest ratings from your clients.

categorize products

Identify key patterns for why clients leave or stay

See the overall themes and specific topics clients are citing as motivators to stay or leave your agency, for example, responsiveness, attitude, communication, price, accuracy, etc. You’ll also find the most common trends for why people leave, so you can take steps to change them and improve retention overall. Quickly sort feedback by employee to monitor specific areas where each agent or employee is excelling or needs to improve.

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