Rocket Referrals announces integration with agency management system QQ Catalyst

Rocket Referrals announces integration with agency management system QQ Catalyst

Rocket Referrals, a cloud-based software company that automates referral programs for insurance agents, is pleased to announce a partnership with QQ Solutions – one of the nation’s largest providers of insurance agency management systems for independent agencies – via integration with its cutting-edge cloud-based agency management system QQ Catalyst. The integration provides seamless transfer of information between QQ Catalyst and Rocket Referrals, allowing insurance agents to enjoy the benefits from both systems with a single interface and automatic data synchronization.

The recent integration between Rocket Referrals and QQ Catalyst marks another landmark in the shift toward innovative and cloud-based software for independent insurance agents. In an increasingly competitive industry, independent agents continue to look for ways to keep pace and increase their visibility in the market. As a whole, direct insurance providers, i.e. Progressive and Geico, have nearly doubled their market share from 1995 to 2011 reports Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc. Facing increasing pressure from the seemingly bottomless advertising budgets of direct providers, many independent agents are turning to state-of- the-art software to stave off the increasing threat of larger corporations.

Recent developments in technology have allowed insurance agents to acquire tools that previously were only available to multimillion dollar businesses. As per their mission statement, Rocket Referrals states, “Every business should have access to similar tools multi-billion dollars companies use to make their business better, faster, smarter, and more profitable.”

QQ Solutions, Inc. shares similar sentiment having developed an affordable and powerful agency management system in QQ Catalyst allowing agencies to easily manage their business. Not long ago such tools were only available to companies with deep pockets. Rocket Referrals also believes that technology can now be used to exploit the edge that insurance agents hold over direct providers – that being the smaller guy in the industry is ultimately an advantage, if leveraged properly. Rocket Referrals CEO Torey Maerz said, “It seems that many insurance agents have forgotten their competitive advantage and try to take direct providers head on via direct marketing and advertising. We believe that the focus [for insurance agents] should remain on developing relationships with their clients and in their community while leveraging satisfied customers for referrals.” With the advent of advanced agency management systems and automated referral strategies insurance agents find themselves in a much better position moving forward.

As the demand for cutting-edge technology rises for insurance agents so do the relationships between the leaders of innovation and forward thinkers in the market. Rocket Referrals initially pursued integration with QQ Solutions because they felt both represent where the future is headed for insurance agents. Integration of the software will allow agents to easily combine tools that will allow them to continue to prosper in the business of insurance. Jason Cass, agent/owner of JDC Insurance Group based out of Centralia, IL had the following to say on Rocket Referrals and the recent software integration, “Rocket Referrals provides the fuel for agents to blow past competition when it comes to referrals. The integration with my management system, QQ Catalyst, saves me time by automatically pulling my client information needed to create the follow-up and referral process. They have created a system that puts my referral strategy on autopilot with their advanced Referral Algorithm, saving me time and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of communication.”

About Rocket Referrals, LLC:

Rocket Referrals is a cloud-based software company based out of Des Moines, Iowa that automates successful referral programs for insurance agents. Its proprietary Smart Referral Algorithm identifies those customers most willing to recommend and automatically sends communication proven to increase referrals. Rocket Referrals leverages an agency’s satisfied customers to generate quality leads with targeted content and personal handwritten notes. The software also automatically calculates an agency’s Net Promoter Score with brief surveys, collects testimonials, and determines overall customer satisfaction.

About QQ Solutions, Inc.:

Named one of the “25 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies” in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal, QQ Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides feature-rich, affordable solutions that help independent insurance agencies grow revenues, enhance productivity and operate more efficiently. One of the largest providers of insurance agency management systems for independent insurance agencies, QQ Solutions supports over 23,000 users nationwide. The company’s mission is to help independent insurance agencies compete in the digital world by leveraging the latest cloud technology, social media, digital marketing and real-time services.

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