Rocket Referrals now automatically collects online reviews

Rocket Referrals now automatically collects online reviews

This week we are implementing a new feature that our clients have been asking for: the ability to automatically collect online reviews across various websites.

Online reviews fit perfectly into our existing platform. We’ve already collected thousands of testimonials for our clients, so getting them posted directly to third-party websites, like Google, and Yelp, was a logical next step. Not only are we are taking social proof to a new level, but we are also dramatically improving local online presence—aka SEO.

At Rocket Referrals, we have found a way to first identify your most loyal clients, and then get them to say all sorts of good things about you. It is a step-by-step process that begins with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and leads directly to testimonials, social media shoutouts, and most recently, online reviews.

NPS > Testimonial > Social Media Recommendation > Reviews

Following this path has been proven to dramatically increase the number of online reviews our clients receive. And because this is a very visual and direct benefit, our clients love it.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have performed an in-depth beta test with a handful of clients.

Google review examples

Innovative approach

Behind the curtains, there’s a lot going on to ensure you get a lot of positive reviews. We wanted to take care of everything so that for you, it’s just business as usual.

We only target clients that will give you a positive review

Rocket Referrals does not simply blast out a review request to all your clients. It’s our job to know who your loyal clients are. We use this data to target only your best customers for reviews. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting poor reviews from unhappy clients.

Create a review on google 

We made it super easy

If you ask them them the right way, clients love giving testimonials. They love telling stories too – take a look at the reviews above. We collect thousands of testimonials and have made it easy for clients to post their kind words directly on third-party websites for everyone to see.

create a review on Facebook

We find the ideal review sites

All you need to do is tell us where you want your reviews to appear and we will make it happen. You can list several websites and we will automatically distribute across all of them. This makes a significant impact on your SEO. We also have systems built in which prevent you from becoming penalized for asking for too many reviews too quickly. To be frank, no other system can do this.

 Example of review sites you can automate

We know mobile

Some review sites will not allow users to post reviews with a mobile device. We take this into consideration and automatically provide your mobile clients with the optimal website to review you.

It happens with the flip of a switch

Like all of our other features, taking advantage of online reviews happens with one click of your mouse. Turn them on and watch as 5-star reviews start to flood in.

Flipping some switches to get more reviews

For a more comprehensive overview check out the video below. For more information on Rocket Referrals sign up for a brief demo.


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