Still not convinced on sending handwritten cards?

Still not convinced on sending handwritten cards?

Today, in this technology filled world we live in, one rarely thinks of snail mail as a mode of communication. The only thing that people get in the mail today are bills and ads- bleh. So what if you were to get something good in the mail? That piece of paper will stick out in your mind for weeks- “Some one actually sent me a personalized, handwritten, full of love letter?!”

When working with clients, you should make them feel special every so often, and a letter in the mail is the perfect way to do that. If you send someone an email, it could just be sent to the bottom of their inbox and perhaps never seen. Now a letter, that thing will not only be read the second a client gets it, but it will be sitting on their table for weeks just reminding them of that special feeling your letter gave them.

For me, all of the good communication has been sent through mail. Every year I received a birthday card from my grandma with a dollar for every year old I was. When my brother was in the army, it was a treat to get a  letter from him. Heck, scholarships, thank you cards, Melvin’s Ice Cream Shoppe free cone coupons- everything good is sent through mail. Why not tie your company with these good memories?

So what’s so special about a silly little letter? The fact that someone actually took the time to send it, that’s what. Composing a letter isn’t that simple, and people know that. You have to get a piece of paper out, and actually WRITE. Not only that, but you have to fold that paper up, stuff it in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and take it to a post office! Now unless your client is one of those tweeny boppers who doesn’t even know how to address an envelope, this person will be very impressed and grateful for the thought and effort you put into sending them a letter.

Yet another plus to sending handwritten letters is privacy. Who knows who sees that email or text message that was sent. With all of the hacking and security surveillance now days, one can only imagine. Even past U.S. presidents, such as Jimmy Carter, prefer to use written letters just to ensure their privacy. By sending letters through mail, your clients will be assured that their information is just being shared between you and them.

So why not take a little extra time to let your clients know they are important to you? It will increase the positive thoughts on your company while perhaps making someones day. Slap a stamp on it, and I’m sure you’ll be feeling positive vibes from those oh so important clients of yours!

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