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All about online reviews for insurance agents

In the absence of personal recommendations, searching for an insurance agent can be as easy as typing a couple words into a smartphone. Submit a brief query into Google and you’ve got a digital rolodex of agencies to choose from. … Read More

How to get your business on Facebook and best practices

It’s strictly business In the last half-decade Facebook has increased the ways businesses can be discovered on their platform. Ultimately, they’re working to fill the gap between businesses and users; creating a single location for you to view baby pictures, … Read More

How Insurance Agents can Compete with Direct Carriers amid Increased Pressure

Several years ago the divide between an insurance agency and direct carrier was stark. On one side you got a real person, personal service, and a firm handshake – and on the other a discounted rate, a call center, and … Read More

Does your Insurance Agency have an Identity Crisis?

In the last decade the direct insurance writers have really upped the pressure on the independents. Everywhere you look (internet, television, billboards, you name it) stands a mascot promising better rates or parading some new gadget or phone app. For … Read More

Average NPS for Insurance Agencies and how to Improve it

In the last several years the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been swelling in popularity among service-based companies across the globe. Essentially, the NPS is a business’s overall client loyalty score. And, the great thing about client loyalty (in contrast … Read More

The real reason Insurance Carriers are afraid of Pit Bulls

Owning a dog can be quite expensive, and that is not just including the vet bills, food, and toys. Insurance premiums are often an added cost that dog owners must consider. After all, some over zealous dogs man sink their … Read More

Insurance agents: three simple steps to dramatically increase client retention

When insurance agents hear the term “churn rate” most probably think it is a measure of how quickly an elderly Amish lady whips up old-fashioned butter. But alas, in regard to insurance, churn rate is the percentage of clients that … Read More

Digital culture poses unique opportunity for insurance agents

Well over half of all Americans now have a smartphone. This may come to no surprise, considering all your peers are toting them around. But this number spans across the entire demographic of the country. Your colleagues, cousin Bob, that … Read More

What insurance agencies look like that get 3-9X more referral business

As an insurance agent you are forced to wear many hats. You are busy running around working with clients, dealing with insurance carriers, mentoring employees, measuring risk, …you name it. And then there is this technology thing that is sweeping … Read More

8 easy to fix problems Insurance Agents may overlook; Are you guilty?

Having met with my fair share of insurance agents I am impressed with the level of professionalism they display. There are a few of characteristics I have come across, however, that seem to creep their way into a handful of … Read More

Insurance agents have edge in acquiring referral business

Most independent insurance agents are always exploring new ways to increase revenue. Drip marketing, online lead generation, social media, SEO, etc. But as agents focus on strategies to land new business many continue to look outward rather than leveraging their … Read More

One way Insurance Agents can get more Referrals

A widely held misconception by insurance agents is that referrals are a knee-jerk response to great customer service. Therefore, many agents give little thought to ways in which they can directly increase positive word-of-mouth – not knowing that, by in … Read More

Insurance Agents: Not all Testimonials are Created Equal

Testimonials are everywhere. People love talking and today it is easier than ever. No longer are they only found on product brochures or nestled in frames in offices. Today they are tweeted or facebooked or sent virtually somehow via the … Read More