Referral Marketing

Which Marketing Automation Software should you Choose?

Do you know what marketing automation is? You could ask 10 people the same question, get 10 different answers, and yet every person be correct – at least partially. That’s because the term marketing automation has expanded into a catchall … Read More

Referral Marketing is just the Tip of the Iceberg

The MS Explorer was a Liberian cruise ship that, since 1969, provided tours of the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean. In 2007 it struck an iceberg off the coast of Antarctica and sank 20 hours later. That’s right, they … Read More

Referral Marketing is the new orange

While exiting the Des Moines downtown YMCA last week, I caught glimpse of a lady searching through a phone book. I was flooded with nostalgia and left thinking of my childhood – the last time I remember using one of … Read More

The Evolution of Referral Marketing

Although people have understood the significance of positive referrals since before the Stone Age, strategies directed specifically at increasing them are relatively new. It wasn’t long, however, that referral marketing became synonymous with spamming. The good news is that referral … Read More