Referral Mindset

Language Tricks that Increase Client Referrals

Communicating Referrals In contrast to simply asking for referrals, there are methods of communicating with clients that will inspire them to refer over the long term. And, although clients are often willing to refer, the responsibility lies on the company … Read More

Creating the Referral Mindset

Just do it. Who can forget Nike’s wildly popular ad campaign created in the late 1980s? Such a simple, yet compelling statement. But in order to ‘do’ there needs to be knowhow – a starting point, a calculated plan. This … Read More

How to get referrals without asking

Nearly all publications that surround the topic of increasing referral business stress the importance of one strategy: how to ask your valued clients for more referrals.  Methods include warming up your clients, effective communication techniques, when and where to ask, … Read More

The magic question to get more referrals

A better way to ask, “How did you hear about us?”

One of the most important things you need to know to begin increasing referrals is who is giving them. Many companies will ask a customer or prospect “How did you hear about us?” when they sign-up. But this is the … Read More