Language Tricks that Increase Client Referrals

Communicating Referrals In contrast to simply asking for referrals, there are methods of communicating with clients that will inspire them to refer over the long term. And, although clients are often willing to refer, the responsibility lies on the company … Read More

7 Surprising Facts about Cats and Referrals

Even the most hardcore ‘dog people’ can’t help but appreciate the majestic nature of the feline. Proud, elegant, …and sometimes lackadaisical, cats are filled to the brim with personality. A couple years ago we decided to rescue a 3-year-old calico shorthair from … Read More

Increase Referrals at the Flip of a Switch

Conscientious business owners are often weary of automated communication platforms. And for good reason. As it is, our inboxes are continuously filled with junk courtesy of impersonal marketers. The last thing you want is to be grouped into the same … Read More

Average NPS for Insurance Agencies and how to Improve it

In the last several years the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been swelling in popularity among service-based companies across the globe. Essentially, the NPS is a business’s overall client loyalty score. And, the great thing about client loyalty (in contrast … Read More

Google’s Little-Known Referral Program

Need a haircut or hungry for Chinese food? Google it. You will have hundreds of local options in seconds – many of which include in-depth reviews from people like you. All just a click away. But only several years ago … Read More

How Changing One Sentence will Change your Business

A friend of mine, Jerry Foster, wrote a book called, Small Changes, Big Results in which he lays out a concept called the Vector Principal.  Summarized, he tells how a vector change in the direction of your life or business … Read More

Rocket Referrals adds Multi Language Support

Rocket Referrals is all about leveraging and improving your client relationships. In many parts of the country knowing several languages is paramount to reaching clients on a personal and meaningful level.   That’s why we now support multiple languages within … Read More

Why Tesla Motors is Implementing a Referral Program

Last week I came across an article outlining a new referral strategy Tesla Motors is implementing for their Model S sedan. As might be expected, I try to stay atop developing trends in referral marketing. So staying “up to speed” … Read More

Referral Marketing is just the Tip of the Iceberg

The MS Explorer was a Liberian cruise ship that, since 1969, provided tours of the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean. In 2007 it struck an iceberg off the coast of Antarctica and sank 20 hours later. That’s right, they … Read More

Extremely high-frequency (EHF) referrals

Extremely high-frequency (EHF) radio band is perhaps the next ‘big thing’ in the sphere of technology. Admittedly, it sounds like something you wouldn’t give a second glance at while wading through your kid’s science fair. But supposedly this technology is … Read More

Online reviews versus referral marketing

I meet with a growing number of clients that inquire about finding ways to boost their online presence. Regardless of their industry, most believe that Google is the Holy Grail of leads and – consequently – new business. Although I … Read More

Referrals & Noisy Ghosts

Late October is upon us; and with it brings darker days, lighter temperatures, falling leaves and rising vigilance. As we dust off our jackets and carve our pumpkins – the transitioning environment cannot be avoided. And, although most of us … Read More

Digital culture poses unique opportunity for insurance agents

Well over half of all Americans now have a smartphone. This may come to no surprise, considering all your peers are toting them around. But this number spans across the entire demographic of the country. Your colleagues, cousin Bob, that … Read More

Referral Speed dating – 11 ways to increase referrals

Here we go – you spot your name card at the corner of a long table in a candlelit restaurant. The waiting staff partitioned off a generous section for you and other business leaders. Appletini in tow, you sit nestled … Read More

Referral Marketing is the new orange

While exiting the Des Moines downtown YMCA last week, I caught glimpse of a lady searching through a phone book. I was flooded with nostalgia and left thinking of my childhood – the last time I remember using one of … Read More

Forget Punch Cards and say Hello to Referral Cards

Every time I visit a restaurant in a mall food court I eyeball those irresistible punch cards smiling at me from the counter. You know, those little cards that inevitably clutter your wallet to the point where sitting down strains … Read More

Referrals vs. word-of-mouth marketing

Although both referral marketing and word-of-mouth appear the same, the concepts are anything but. Internet, social media, and the growing adoption of smartphones have significantly altered the ways in which customers are marketed to – but the core marketing strategies … Read More

Why Aren’t Clients Referring You?

So often companies are frustrated with the lack of referrals they receive – even in the face of all-star service. But one reason customers are close-lipped about providing referrals is because those very companies are lackadaisical when conveying their importance. … Read More

Insurance agents have edge in acquiring referral business

Most independent insurance agents are always exploring new ways to increase revenue. Drip marketing, online lead generation, social media, SEO, etc. But as agents focus on strategies to land new business many continue to look outward rather than leveraging their … Read More

Referrals bring much more influence

Before there were billboards, or flashy neon signs, or silly insurance commercials disrupting our TV shows, there was only word-of-mouth. Businesses thrived or collapsed base on their reputation. People relied on their family and neighbors to separate the trustworthy from … Read More