Why don’t insurance agents focus on client retention?

The cost of turnover It costs insurance agencies an average of $500 to acquire a new client. This includes the resources needed to attract a prospect, quote them, and write the policy. On the other hand, agents only spend an … Read More

Responding to the NPS – Best Practices

At Rocket Referrals we’ve had success implementing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey into our software. We gather hundreds of surveys responses for businesses (most of them insurance agencies) which allow them to measure the loyalty of their client base. … Read More

Which Marketing Automation Software should you Choose?

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Average NPS for Insurance Agencies and how to Improve it

In the last several years the Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been swelling in popularity among service-based companies across the globe. Essentially, the NPS is a business’s overall client loyalty score. And, the great thing about client loyalty (in contrast … Read More

This is how you Increase your Client Retention

We work closely with service-based companies (e.g. insurance agents) where ongoing relationships and repeat business are critical. An integral feature of our service is automating regular and meaningful communication to these businesses’ clients on their behalf. The goal: to improve … Read More

Drip Retention is an Oxymoron

Today I was minding my own business, just doing a little innocuous web browsing when I stumbled upon a software company that promotes a very … well, perplexing feature. They called it “Drip Retention Communications”—which I believe is a perfect … Read More

Why Your Clients Are Leaving and How to Stop Them

As an insurance agent you probably have a solid idea of how your clients feel about your agency. Right? After all, you are working with them day in and day out, so certainly you have a good understanding of how … Read More

Insurance agents: three simple steps to dramatically increase client retention

When insurance agents hear the term “churn rate” most probably think it is a measure of how quickly an elderly Amish lady whips up old-fashioned butter. But alas, in regard to insurance, churn rate is the percentage of clients that … Read More