Search Engine Optimization

How to list your business correctly on Bing

Why Bing? Last year Microsoft’s search engine platform ‘Bing’ reached an important landmark: they now control 20% of the search engine market. That’s right, 1 out of every 5 people online use Bing to search the web. Who woulda’ thought? … Read More

How to get your business on Facebook and best practices

It’s strictly business In the last half-decade Facebook has increased the ways businesses can be discovered on their platform. Ultimately, they’re working to fill the gap between businesses and users; creating a single location for you to view baby pictures, … Read More

Understanding Data Aggregators – this is how local businesses are found online

Have you ever wondered how your business listing ended up on search sites such as Google or Yahoo without ever lifting a finger? It’s like an invisible feed of data is pouring directly into the search engines, providing them with … Read More

How to get your Business Listed on Google

What is Google My Business? Remember when Google was just a search engine? In those days you had little to worry about as a business online. You were either listed or weren’t. Nowadays the responsibility to be found on Google … Read More

How Businesses are Discovered Online

What is Local Search One of the most important factors Google considers with search results is your current location. And they’ve gotten pretty good at knowing where you are, too. Search engines study your computer’s IP address or GPS location … Read More