Testimonials are more than just social proof

Testimonials are more than just social proof

Agents enjoy receiving testimonials because they reinforce the credibility of their agency. They’re great assets in proving how great you are at evaluating prospects.

What if I was to tell you that there was another side of testimonials you’re not familiar with? I’m not talking about a disturbing Patrick Bateman-like side; but more of a pleasant Bruce Wayne-ish identity that has many benefits that flourish in the background.

That’s right, the act of giving a testimonial is quite therapeutic for your clients and offers many benefits to your agency as well. Therefore, due to their intrinsic value, an agency should never stop collecting them – no matter how many they’ve got. Here’s why:

Your clients have a deep desire to stay consistent

Think retention. After your client makes the commitment to promote you to others it becomes part of their self-image. When asked to further show their commitment (sticking around) they will be far more likely to do so, rather than conflicting with this shared belief and developing a dissonant state.

A testimonial is a rehearsal for a referral

There are no hacks to increasing referrals for your agency, but there are steps you can take that will increase the likelihood that your clients do refer. Collecting testimonials is one of those steps. When people take the time to write something positive about your agency they are forced to recall a positive experience they’ve had with you. When they are in conversation with friends and family and the topic comes up, it’s like flash-memory to again recall their positive feedback.

Discover what resonates

Insurance agencies are always trying to find new ways of making clients happy so they stay with you and tell their friends. But how do you know what’s really resonating with your clients if you don’t ask? Testimonials are a great way at discovering what is converting happy clients into raving fans. Find out what they like so you can give them more of it.

Find your best promoters

Knowing who your biggest fans are is very valuable when implementing a referral strategy. I don’t encourage directly asking for referrals, but if you know who’s most likely to give you one you can actively encourage them to do so.

Boost agency moral

At Rocket Referrals, we have collected thousands of testimonials for our clients. In doing so, we hear a lot of feedback from our clients about how much they love reading all the great things their clients have to say about them. There is perhaps no better way to reinforce company morale than showing them real proof of how they are doing a great job.

Learn more about your staff

About a quarter of the testimonials we have collected for insurance agencies reference a specific employee. If you are the boss and want to know which of your staff is driving the most smiles then collecting testimonials is key. The insight they provide is extremely valuable.

With all of this said, we encourage agencies to never stop collecting positive testimonials. Which raises the natural question, “how the heck do I get so many?” There is a specific process that will yield much higher results than just flat-out asking.

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