The value of handwritten notes

The value of handwritten notes

Something to consider when reaching out to your loyal customer base:

It is an unfortunate truth that emails, text, and social media are slowly overtaking the charm of a handwritten note. While these technological advances are incredibly useful – and no doubt make our lives easier – when it comes to communication, something valuable is lost along the way.

If you’re like most you’ve saved your fair share of notebooks, journals, birthday cards, you name it. Either pinned up on your wall, huddled in the attic, or lingering on your kitchen counter. Physical cards have staying power.

There is a certain allure in having something physical – something that has weight and texture. Now think about this: what text did you receive on your wedding anniversary last year? Who posted on your Facebook wall for your birthday? Likely you have since forgotten.

If you think about it this way, then, from a business perspective, you can quickly understand why a handwritten letter would be of much more value to your customer than would a quick email.

Less and less personal mail is sent through the postal service today, so it’s likely to stand out from all of the bills in their mailbox. It’s also likely that your customers will acknowledge and appreciate the effort that you put into showing your gratitude, which may encourage them to return to your business.

So, when leaving an impression on your customers – especially when saying thank you, or, I appreciate your business – make it count. Some things are not meant to be simply digital.

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