What insurance agencies don’t know about online reviews

What insurance agencies don’t know about online reviews

I was never much of a fisherman. For the bulk of my childhood, I was more useful carrying the tackle box than casting a reel. That was until one late summer afternoon when my father led me to a secret corner of the popular fishing hole just outside of town. To my surprise, this hidden nook was so abundant with fish that anyone with some twine and a decent nightcrawler could land more than double their daily limit. Keep in mind this was the same lake as before. And I could still barely bait a hook. Only now I was positioned in that shady spot near the shore, mere feet from hungry rainbow trout smacking their gills for a fat midmorning worm. Just a fishing pole and a world of opportunity. Those poor fish had little choice but to bite.

So why the hell should you care about my fishing pedigree? Because I want to lead you to that corner of the lake where your prospective clients are treading water. I want to show you exactly how to spark their interest and become that lone fisherman I was so many years ago. Because I genuinely care, okay?

I apologize. I let nostalgia get the best of me there. But really, there are hundreds, if not thousands of fantastic insurance agencies out there having a hard time getting in front of hungry prospects. Not because they are bad at what they do. It’s because they don’t know where that shady spot is. And they don’t have the right worms.

Local Search

4 out of 5 consumers use local search to find servicesI talk about this a lot. So I’ll just go ahead and say it. Local search is the cat’s pajamas. This is where the majority of prospects searching for insurance online are going to find an agency. If you’re already listed, great. If not, shame on you. After all, four out of five hungry fish use local-search when looking for relevant products and services (e.g. insurance).

Let’s have some fun. Go to Google and type in “car insurance.” Hit enter. The three agencies that you see next to the map are the local search results. These guys/gals are sitting pretty ‘cause they’ve found the shady nook at the lake. This is where your agency needs to be if you want to catch yourself some insurance consumers.

So. About that worm. No, not the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle your cousin Fred dared you to swallow last New Year. I’m talking about the bait your local listing needs to attract more clients so that you can reel them in. What makes them bite?

Online Reviews

Example of a local search result for homeowners insurancePositive online reviews are a critical component to this whole process. Without them, your online listing is like a bare hook dawdling aimlessly underwater. Online reviews help you become discovered. Consider the following search for homeowners’ insurance in Simi Valley. Notice how Set Apart Insurance stands out from the other listings? With 16 positive reviews, this listing is like a beacon chanting “click here! click here!” Not to mention that simply having more online reviews increases their search ranking, helping them inch closer to that coveted first page.

The key is to get as many positive, quality online reviews as possible. A recent study shows that 92% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews. That’s right, those five stars aren’t just for show. Prospects want to learn about who they do business with. Short of personal recommendations, there is no better place to find honest feedback than with online reviews.

Here’s the thing. You have clients that are willing to give you online reviews. I promise they’re out there. I know because with Rocket Referrals we’ve been able to collect thousands of positive reviews for our clients. We didn’t make them better agents. Rather we maintained happy relationships with touchpoints, found out who their best clients are, and then made it extremely easy for them to post an online review.


Before writing this post I considered providing a detailed explanation of how Rocket Referrals goes about collecting quality online reviews for our clients. But, ultimately, I thought you’d be more interested in learning what’s required on your end. Baiting the hook, so to speak.

Get more reviews with the flip of a switch

See that sweet little GIF above? That’s a switch inside Rocket Referrals where users activate online reviews. That’s it. We do the rest. No complex campaigns to configure. No cockamamie lists or tags to fiddle with.

In a nutshell, we’re able to leverage your personal client relationships and convert them into positive word of mouth, whether it be online or off. Take Set Apart Insurance Agency. They’ve been using Rocket Referrals for about 5 months now and so far have realized 16 online reviews. Let me tell you: that’s the difference between a plump earthworm and expired stink bait.

Keep in mind that local search is a huge gift Google has given to insurance agencies. You’re able to score a primo search ranking with nothing more than an up-to-date listing and a handful of positive online reviews. Don’t squander it. Let us help.

example of a google my business profile   example of a google my business profile with reviews

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