Why aren’t clients referring you?

Why aren’t clients referring you?

So often companies are frustrated with the lack of referrals they receive – even in the face of all-star service.

But one reason customers are close-lipped about providing referrals is that those very companies are lackadaisical when conveying their importance.

It seems that companies are not only uncomfortable asking for referrals but they feel awkward when discussing them all together with their clients.

However, there is a big difference between directly asking a customer for their personal Rolodex and letting them know you want to help their friends and family.

Shot in the dark

I recently spoke with a client that shed some light on why some companies balk at discussing referrals with their customers.

It turns out that many of the employees either think some of their customers are unhappy with them, or just don’t know where they stand in regard to loyalty.

The uncertainty fosters anxiety and fear of encountering a potentially awkward situation.

The solution is really quite simple. Find out what your customers think about you in regard to loyalty. Sending emails asking their likelihood to recommend will raise the blinds on your referral strategy. Here’s how:

  • You are setting the referral mindset for your customers. You are metaphorically warming the butter (I expace up sleevelain below).
  • You know who will respond positively when you talk about referrals. The ace up your sleeve. Seek out the promoters and those that give you raving testimonials. They are the ones that only need a little nudge to refer you.
  • Positive comments and testimonials boost office morale and confidence. Making your employees feel comfortable about discussing referrals with clients begins here. Enlighten them as to how much they are loved and they will enthusiastically bring up referrals more.

Begin by warming your customers and making them understand how much you value referrals. Next, empower your employees to feel comfortable about discussing referrals and sharpen their confidence. The end result is a referral strategy that is like a hot knife cutting through warm butter (excuse the metaphor).

What to say

Finally, I have written before about how directly asking for names is not an effective referral strategy. So, just how do you bring them up with clients?

By making them feel like you want to take extra special care of their friends and family. Remember, it is about them. Below I have included some effective ways of communicating with your clients about referrals.

  • “Taking wonderful care of you, your family and your friends is what we love to do, and helping you (insert service here) is what our office is all about.”
  • “We would like to help even more people in the community (insert service here) and the best way to do this is to get the word out. Please do not hesitate to share your experience with your loved ones. We love to help!”
  • “I truly enjoy sharing my experience and helping others. Therefore I want to extend my hand to your friends and family. If they ever have questions or need advice they can call me directly. I will be sure to take extra care.”
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