Why the best newsletter may be no newsletter at all

Why the best newsletter may be no newsletter at all

How many marketing emails do you get every day and how many of them do you actually read?

The rare ones that do catch your interest are probably about something or from someone you care about.

Formatted newsletters with images and links have become the standard of email marketing—every business out there has some kind of newsletter.

But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should.

Insurance is different

Insurance isn’t something people buy on a whim, like a sweater.

Customers will often do a lot of research before choosing an agent and taking out a policy. And in addition to a policy, they want to have a guide who will help them navigate the complex world of insurance.

Once you start building your relationship with a client, it’s important they know you care about what’s important to them. In fact, 52% of customers say they’ll find somewhere else to go when they get marketing emails that aren’t personalized.

Every time you send a newsletter full of information that doesn’t apply to or interest your clients, you’re reminding them they are just a name on a list.

There is another way

Ninety percent of the most successful marketers put their audience’s information needs ahead of their own promotional messages.

Imagine if every once in a while, your insurance agent sent you simple, personalized and relevant emails written just for you: an article they thought you’d enjoy as a new homeowner, a link to new driver resources because they know you have a teenager who’s learning to drive, quick gardening tips because you mentioned you love growing your own vegetables.

Example of content library for insurance

Use the libraries we created or add your own content with just a few clicks

Rocket Connect does it for you 

We created Rocket Connect to help you automate and send relevant, interesting, meaningful and timely content to your insurance clients with very little work on your part.

We know which of your customers haven’t heard from you recently and who is due for a helpful message. We can even target articles to specific segments of your book based on your customers’ age, where they live and what policies they have or don’t have with you.

For example, if you offer life, disability or long-term care products, you can share related stories with clients who might be starting a family soon or those nearing retirement.

Use content from our library or build your own using links you know your clients will enjoy. You can send articles, podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. When you run across interesting content on the internet, simply add the link to your Rocket Connect library and we’ll share it with your clients.

Rocket Connect messages look like simple emails that come from you vs. an agency mailbox, helping you create a much more personalized experience than a generic newsletter ever could.

Ready to send better, more personalized communications to your clients?  

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