Companies using Rocket Referrals have increased referrals from 3 - 9X.

Find & engage your best clients

Identify your best clients and convert them into raving fans. We send the right message at the right time to get the most out of your loyal clients.

Find unhappy clients that could be turning new business away from you and retain them.

  • Determine who your best clients are
  • Uncover clients likely to leave
  • Keep your clients happy

Increase your insight

Segment your clients based on their loyalty to your company. Discover what your clients think about you, identify trends, and resolve negative feedback.

Stop detractors in their tracks

In some cases detractors could be taking business away or referring others to a competitor. We’ll help you identify those people so you can help them move on, or fix their issue.

Ideal communication ideal timing

Mass communication is not in our vocabulary. Every touchpoint is personalized and relevant. We elevate relationships with targeted email and handwritten cards so your clients keep smiling.

  • Coordinated communication for each client
  • Combine email and handwritten cards
  • Prewritten content
  • Birthday, welcome, follow-up and custom cards

Reach clients on a personalized level

Say goodbye to bulk emails. We reach your clients with entirely personal and highly meaningful communication.

Never miss an opportunity

We reach out to your clients regularly so you never miss out on another referral while dramatically increasing your retention.

Easy reviews & testimonials

We know how to get your best clients talking. Have testimonials and reviews posted directly to review sites, or directly to your website.

  • People who give a testimonial are 5 – 7x more likely to refer
  • Improve your reputation on search engines
  • Stream reviews directly to your website

Improve online social reputation

Boost your online reputation without lifting a finger. We’ll encourage your best promoters to promote you online.

Reach new prospects

Testimonials and positive reviews posted to social networks bring prospects directly to your door.

Handwritten cards done for you

Your clients will not only open these cards, but will also thank you for them later. Best of all, you don’t have to do any of the hard work. We’ve got that covered.

  • Premium quality card stock
  • Schedule cards to be delivered at any date
  • Include gift cards redeemable at over 40 retailers
  • Use your own handwriting

Stand out from competition

Break through the noise by reaching your clients on a highly personal and meaningful level.

Build positive relationships

Deliver a positive message with a clean and tasteful layout. They will think it came straight from your desk.

Smart setup and prewritten content

Getting started and managing your account is super simple and intuitive. We designed a system that makes your job easier and your clients happier.

Send the right message

Forget straining your brain to find the perfect message to send your clients. Our industry experts have thought of everything for you.

Spend your time elsewhere

We are the only automated system available that is ready to go out of the box. We’ve already thought through all the hard stuff so you get the best results straight away.
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