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Discover how your customers feel

A 5% bump in customer retention increases profit by more than 25%.
That’s why our first priority is to help you retain your existing clients.

NPS survey
NPS survey

Find your happy clients and those who are likely to leave

We’ll find the right people to survey and send the one-question Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey for you at the right time. The NPS survey tells you who your happy clients are and who’s likely to leave. You’ll start getting valuable feedback from clients almost immediately.

NPS score

We’ll notify you when clients are unhappy

We’ll alert you when we find clients who are likely to leave. You can double the chances of keeping them over the next year by simply giving them a call.

NPS score

Collect feedback regularly to measure client sentiment overtime

We’ll continue to send the NPS survey for you regularly, at the right times, so you always know how you clients feel and how you can improve your service.

Real time notifications

Our artificial intelligence (AI) categorizes client feedback for you

We’ll find the most common topics your clients mention in their feedback so you can view trends by agents, employees, products and more.

Real time notifications

“Very professional and prompt service. The feedback I get from my clients is very important. The nice comments are wonderful, but the negative ones give us the chance to fix the problem and cement the relationship.”

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Net Promoter Score by the numbers


The number of clients who respond to the Rocket Referrals NPS survey

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