Our plans

per month

  • $40 for every additional 1,500 contacts
  • 20 handwritten cards included each month
  • Net Promoter System
  • Improve retention
  • Pre-built automations
  • Personalized welcome and loyalty
  • Get more online reviews
Pro + Text
per month

  • All Pro features enhanced with text messaging
  • $15/month for each additional employee
  • Text-enabled NPS
  • Request reviews by text message
  • TCPA and compliance ready
  • One-on-one texting with clients and prospects
  • 750 text messages included per employee per month
Pro + Premium
per month

  • Everything in Pro + Text and all of our newest features
  • $35/month for each additional user
  • Premium enhancements added to most features
  • Latest and greatest enhancements released here first
  • Custom automations and API access
  • Send different templates to custom lists
  • Send communication in multiple languages
  • 1,500 text messages per employee per month

Enterprise plans available

Work with us to tailor an Enterprise plan to meet your needs. You’ll receive advanced support, customized features, enhanced data analytics and more.

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Set up and integrations Pro Pro + Text Pro + Premium
Management system / CRM integrations
Google My Business connector
Facebook integration
Duplicate record finder
Automatic email and mailing address verification
Pre-written communication templates
Publish testimonials on your website
Mobile phone verification
API and Zapier access
Company performance metrics Pro Pro + Text Pro + Premium
Customer feedback dashboard
Net Promoter Score leaderboard
Segment and analyze customers by account criteria
Artificial intelligence enhanced feedback
Customer experience and retention Pro Pro + Text Pro + Premium
Find detractors and promoters with NPS
Uncover low performing agents and CSRs
Automatically collect testimonials from promoters
Delight customers with handwritten cards
Customer loyalty communication
Handwritten birthday cards
Send welcome email and welcome cards
Add gift cards to any handwritten card
Stay in touch with Rocket Connect
Email Google and Facebook review requests
Text-enabled NPS and review requests
Automate communications to clients likely to leave
Communications and automation Pro Pro + Text Pro + Premium
Send bulk email to segmented customer lists
Text message one-on-one conversations
Phone number for each employee
Increased text message limit
Send communication in multiple languages
Create custom communication automation
Customize templates for each customer list
Frequently asked questions
How long is a contract with Rocket Referrals?

Our contract is month to month. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment.

What do you consider a contact?

Each unique household is one contact. So, if a client has both a commercial line and a personal line, we count that as just one.

Do you have a way to detect duplicate contacts?

We sure do! We can help identify and then merge some of those repeat contacts. Check out this Help center article for more info.

What happens if I go over my contact limit in the middle of my billing cycle?

If this happens, you’ll get a prompt to upgrade your plan. But don’t worry. You won’t be charged twice. We’ll prorate the plan cost and you’ll see the change in your invoices. They’re located under Billing Info on the Setup tab in your account.

Can I test this out with a free trial?

Absolutely. We offer a trial account to interested agents. Plus, it isn’t time-limited. You’re able to view seven survey responses and two testimonial submissions before the trial ends.

To continue accessing survey results and collecting reviews on Google after the trial ends, you have to purchase and unlock the account.

What’s the difference between a card subscription and Anytime Cards?

Additional handwritten cards (with postage included) can be added in two ways:

Monthly card subscriptions: This is the best option for when you want to send communications regularly. You commit to buy and send a set amount of cards every month and you’re guaranteed a much lower price compared to Anytime or Individual cards.

Anytime Cards: These are one-time, bulk package purchases. They’re a good choice if you only plan to send occasional communications since you can use them any time. When Anytime Cards are used up, we don’t replenish them automatically.

Still not sure which option is right for you?

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